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At Hayat Medical & Beauty Center, we believe that true beauty emanates from within and reflects in a sound mind and healthy body. To reach this ultimate objective of sophisticated beauty and elegant wellness, we offer an impressive array of world-class services and brands, for both women and men, to meet our distinguished clientele’s needs and taste.

Nail Care & Polish

Neat and tidy nails are an essential part of a finished and elegant look for women and men. We invite you to experience our cosmetic treatments for the fingernails and toenails, as well as for hands and feet, varying from basic manicure and pedicure, to Russian manicure and hand and feet spa. Trust our application of artificial nail tips, gel and acrylic, and enjoy polishing your nails with vivid fashion colors, French manicure, gelish polish; and try Minx and Crackle designs, the newest craze in nail design.

Hair Removal Techniques

Get rid of all undesired hair in both your face and body, and benefit from our expertise in different depilation techniques, from the most ancient methods of threading, body waxing and eyebrows shaping, to the most advanced electrolysis and high-tech laser systems. Choose a permanent, fast and safe hair removal with the latest Diode Laser technology, and enjoy a silky and hair-free skin for the rest of your life. You will be glad to notice at the end of the treatment that your skin is rejuvenated, your scars are reduced and your skin color is lighter.

Body Contouring Solutions

Most women are affected by cellulite at some time in their life, regardless of their weight or size. Layers of fat accumulate under the skin and give it the aspect of an orange peel.

Before you envisage liposuction or cosmetic surgery, get introduced to our body contouring solutions. We have the most efficient technologies that will help you enhance your lifestyle and re-shape your body:

  • Holder of the Prestige Pierantoni Innovation Award, VelaSmooth is the first medical, non-surgical, non-invasive cellulite reduction system that is FDA cleared. It combines radio frequency, infrared light, and tissue manipulation in order to reduce the size of the fat chamber. For better results, start with a 15 minutes draining massage before every session; you will be amazed to see the desired results from the very first few treatments.

A Touch of Make Up

Make up is the art of highlighting the beauty of a woman's facial features with a touch of glamour and grace. Whatever occasion you have, whether you need a light or evening effect, we enhance your charm with a personalized make up, thanks to our artistic skills and professional techniques. Be the envy of your entourage and get admiring looks with permanent eyelashes that give you a deep and naturally captivating look. And for our dear brides, we offer a comprehensive make up package that will turn their big day into an unforgettable souvenir.

A World of Tattoo

Be trendy and get your favorite design tattooed on whatever part of your body!
You might think that tattoo is not really your style, but what about using tattoos for a permanent make up, ideal for our daily morning rush? Line your eyes and lips perfectly, fill your eyebrows and lips for a dense look, and place a beauty spot to enhance sexiness. The options are numerous and the call is yours to be elegant and beautiful even in the earliest hours of the day!

Care for your Body

They say the body is the temple of the soul, and we encourage you to take good care of this temple by giving it enough time for adequate and targeted treatments. Pamper your senses with a combined package of full body treatments for an utmost feeling of wellness and fitness. Let your skin breathe; start with a full body peeling to remove dry and dead cells, and proceed to a soothing body mask that will enchant your skin and leave it moist and soft. Pick the kind of massage that suits you most, whether a relieving, relaxing or slimming massage, and enjoy the magic touch of our specialized therapists.

Sunshine on your Skin

Always short of time when it comes to relaxing in the sun on the beach and get a nice dark and sexy tan? Are you wondering how other people maintain such a golden color all the summer, and sometimes in winter too? We can provide you with the same results in much less time! Come and spend only a few minutes in our well equipped tanning saloon and get a perfectly safe and healthy glow. Experience our solarium or airbrushing techniques, and your beauty will shine just like the sun, even before the sea season shows.

Trust Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic solution targeting problems in the body or face such as cellulite, excess weight, face and neck rejuvenation, and skin whitening. We administer Mesotherapy via numerous injections containing various types of vitamins and minerals. The content mixture of the injection varies in accordance with each unique case and specific area to be treated.

The most revolutionary compound of Mesotherapy is hyaluronic acid. In fact, as we age, the level of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases considerably, leading to the appearance of aging skin and the formation of wrinkles. We use the injection of hyaluronic acid as one of the best practices to fill deep wrinkles in the face. Pamper yourself and boost your skin’s youth with Mesotherapy and get the compliments of your family and friends.

Treat your Face

The golden secret to an eternal young-looking skin is care. Indulge your skin with all the treatments it needs to keep it clean, fresh and naturally rejuvenated. Always start with our classic deep cleansing, the best in town, which encompasses steam therapy, crystal soft microdermabrasion and jet oxygenation. During the year, we advise you to alternate several mini facial cures, depending on the season’s needs and your skin’s requirements for better results.

Worried about acne or few spots? Try our acid treatments, great to deal with these skin imperfections, without leaving scars. You will be surprised by the fast and healthy results you will get.

Experience the roller therapy that boosts the natural collagen generation of the skin, to cure fine to deep wrinkles and delay the skin aging process.

Enhance & Lift

Treat your skin nicely and age elegantly. Focus on Botox to target dynamic wrinkles, and trust dermal fillers to address volume loss and static wrinkles. Offer yourself distinct benefits and results thanks to our extensive and accurate expertise in diagnosing your needs and treating them. Plump your under eye hollows, restore the lost collagen of your face and neck, add fullness to thinned areas and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

Point of Sale

Do you need to buy cosmetics, creams, nail polish or any related aesthetic tool? Our beauticians are always available to advise you and recommend the brands that will suit best your skin. Complement the face and body treatments you are offering yourself with your needs of cosmetics for a glamorous look. For your convenience, we established a large point of sale, where you can select items you are looking for from a wide range of world-known products and brands.

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